Catch More Bass with these Topwater Baits 2024

Introduction: Embarking on a bass fishing adventure requires not only skill and patience but also the right arsenal of topwater baits. These lures, designed to elicit explosive strikes from lurking bass, are essential tools for any angler seeking success on the water. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll unveil the top contenders in each category, ensuring that you’re equipped with the best topwater baits for your next fishing excursion.

The best topwater baits at a glance:

Strike King KVD Toad Buzz

Best Buzzbait: Strike King KVD Toad Buzz

The Strike King KVD Toad Buzz is a top performer in the buzzbait category, known for its ability to stir up the surface and entice aggressive strikes from bass. Featuring a realistic toad-shaped body and a premium skirt, this lure creates irresistible vibrations and noise that bass find impossible to ignore.

Best Popper: Heddon Super Spook Jr.

Best Popper: Heddon Super Spook Jr.

The Heddon Super Spook Jr. stands out as the best popper bait for bass fishing, thanks to its concave face that produces loud popping sounds and splashes. Designed to mimic the movements of injured baitfish, this lure is irresistible to bass looking for an easy meal. With its high-quality construction and lifelike appearance, the Heddon Super Spook Jr. is a top choice for anglers of all skill levels.

Rapala Skitter Walk

Best Walking Bait: Rapala Skitter Walk

When it comes to walking baits, the Rapala Skitter Walk reigns supreme, thanks to its realistic action and lifelike appearance. Featuring a side-to-side twitching motion that mimics the movements of injured baitfish, this lure drives bass into a feeding frenzy. Retrieve it fast to get explosive action out of big bass.

Booyah Pad Crasher

Best Frog: Booyah Pad Crasher

The Booyah Pad Crasher is the ultimate frog bait for bass fishing, renowned for its lifelike appearance and realistic action. Designed to mimic the movements of frogs, this lure sits tantalizingly on the water’s surface, its lifelike legs dangling below. With each twitch of the rod, the Booyah Pad Crasher comes to life, hopping and splashing in a manner that is irresistible to bass.

Arbogast Jitterbug

Best Jitterbug: Arbogast Jitterbug

For anglers seeking to provoke aggressive strikes, the Arbogast Jitterbug is the ultimate choice. With its unique wobbling action and distinctive gurgling sound, this lure creates a mesmerizing display that bass find impossible to resist. Whether retrieved slowly or with a more aggressive cadence, the Arbogast Jitterbug consistently produces explosive strikes that leave anglers exhilarated.

Cotton Cordell Pencil Popper

Best Pencil Popper: Cotton Cordell Pencil Popper

The Cotton Cordell Pencil Popper is the top choice for anglers seeking to draw strikes from afar. With its long, slender profile and loud popping noise, this lure creates a commotion that bass can’t ignore. Whether fished over open water or along the edges of structure, the Cotton Cordell Pencil Popper consistently elicits aggressive strikes from curious bass.

 Rebel Crickhopper

Best Crawler: Rebel Crickhopper

The Rebel Crickhopper takes the crown as the best crawler lure for bass fishing, thanks to its realistic appearance and lifelike action. Designed to imitate the movement of small animals or insects struggling on the water’s surface, this lure is irresistible to hungry bass. Whether retrieved steadily or with intermittent pauses, the Rebel Crickhopper provokes aggressive strikes that keep anglers coming back for more.

River2Sea Whopper Plopper

Best Wake Bait: River2Sea Whopper Plopper

The River2Sea Whopper Plopper is the ultimate wake bait for bass fishing, renowned for its ability to create a disturbance on the water’s surface. Retrieve it in a slow manner to get hits from bass that are lurking and stalking from below.

Keitech Swing Impact FAT

Best Swimbait: Keitech Swing Impact FAT

While typically used as a subsurface lure, the Keitech Swing Impact FAT is equally effective as a topwater bait for bass fishing. With its lifelike appearance and realistic swimming action, bass go crazy over this lure.


In conclusion, the world of topwater baits offers a wealth of options for anglers seeking to unlock success on the water. From buzzbaits and poppers to frogs and swimbaits, each lure has its own unique characteristics and strengths, making them suitable for different fishing conditions and techniques. By selecting the best topwater baits in each category and adding them to your tackle box, you’ll be well-equipped to tackle any bass fishing challenge that comes your way. So gear up, hit the wa

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