About Us

Welcome to Line Whisper, a fishing brand focused on anglers who have as much passion in the sport as I do. Growing up with a rod and reel in hand turned fishing from a hobby into an obsession for myself. 

Throughout my journey I have been fortunate to fish a multitude of places and target different kinds of species. From lakes and rivers in the midwest to a variety of Saltwater fishing locations and everything in between. Ice fishing for walleye, using spinning rods for bass, bait casting Goliath Groupers, Trolling deep sea for Marlin and most recently fly fishing for Tarpon are all different kinds of fishing that I have added to my repertoire. 

My mission is to share insight with anglers that share that same drive and passion for being out on the water. Through research, experience, and trial and error I hope to enhance your fishing journey by offering the latest tips, advice, and information on a wide variety of fishing topics.

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