5 Best Fillet Knives for Cleaning and Filleting 2024

As we sail into 2024, the quest for the ultimate fillet knife continues. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or just love preparing fish at home, the right fillet knife can make all the difference. After rigorous testing and slicing through countless options, we’ve netted the 5 best fillet knives for cleaning and filleting in 2024. Let’s dive into what makes these knives the top catch of the year.

Bubba 7" Tapered Flex Fillet Knife

#1. Bubba 7″ Tapered Flex Fillet Knife

The Bubba 7″ Tapered Flex stands out for its ergonomic design and superior performance. This knife isn’t just for beginners; it’s a versatile tool that any angler would be proud to wield.


  • Ergonomic Handle: The signature non-slip grip makes handling a breeze, even in wet conditions.
  • Sharp and Durable: Teflon-coated for extra protection against the elements, making it perfect for both freshwater and saltwater use.


  • Price: A bit on the higher side, but for a good reason given its quality and features.

This knife has been rigorously tested and reviewed for its comfort, ease of use, and precision in filleting​ (Field & Stream)​.

Dexter Outdoors SOFGRIP 8" Flexible Fillet Knife with Edge Guard

#2. Dexter Outdoors SOFGRIP 8″ Flexible Fillet Knife with Edge Guard

American craftsmanship shines with the Dexter Outdoors SOFGRIP. Its balance of flexibility and control makes it a favorite among professionals and hobbyists alike.


  • High-Quality Blade: Offers excellent sharpness and easy maintenance.
  • Ergonomic Grip: Reduces fatigue, making it ideal for extended use.


  • Sheath Design: Lacks a belt loop or tab, which some may find inconvenient.

Tested for its durability and sharpness, this knife is a testament to quality and affordability​ (Field & Stream)​.

Rapala Fish’n Fillet Knife Classic

#3. Rapala Fish’n Fillet Knife Classic

The Rapala Fish’n Fillet Knife is an icon in the world of fishing. Its timeless design and functionality make it a must-have for anyone who takes their filleting seriously.


  • Classic Design: Combines aesthetics with functionality.
  • Affordable: High-quality at a price that won’t break the bank.


  • Wooden Handle: While stylish, it can become slippery and absorb odors over time.

Its legendary status is backed by years of positive reviews and countless fish cleaned​ (Field & Stream)​.

Rapala R12 Heavy-Duty Lithium Fillet Knife Combo

#4. Rapala R12 Heavy Duty Lithium Fillet Knife

For those who prefer the convenience of an electric knife, the Rapala R12 stands out. It’s designed to tackle the toughest filleting jobs with ease.


  • Powerful Battery: Ensures you have enough charge for extensive cleaning sessions.
  • Comfort: Ergonomic grip minimizes hand fatigue during long use.


  • Not for Smaller Fish: Its power may be overkill for delicate tasks.

This knife has been tested for its endurance and ability to handle large volumes of fish, making it ideal for big catches​ (Anglers.com)​.

Gerber Controller 6 in. Freshwater Fish Fillet Knife

#5. Gerber Controller 6 Freshwater Fillet Knife

The Gerber Controller is tailor-made for freshwater anglers. Its precision and flexibility are perfect for those delicate cuts needed for freshwater species.


  • Precision Cutting: Offers great control for detailed work.
  • Built-In Sharpener: Convenient for keeping the blade ready at all times.


  • Freshwater Focus: Might not be the best choice for saltwater species due to its size and flexibility.

Extensively tested in freshwater environments, this knife is a reliable tool for precise filleting​ (Kayak Guru)​.


In the ever-evolving world of fishing gear, these five fillet knives have proven themselves to be at the forefront of innovation and efficiency. From ergonomic designs to precision cutting, each knife offers a unique set of features tailored to the needs of anglers and chefs alike. Whether you’re prepping for a gourmet meal or cleaning your catch at the lake, these knives are sure to provide the performance and reliability you need. Remember, the right tool not only makes the job easier but also enhances your experience, turning a chore into a pleasure. As we move through 2024, equip yourself with one of these top-tier fillet knives and elevate your filleting game to new heights.

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